09.03.2020 – Seminar Series: Astronomical Observation

Astronomical Observation Seminar

The Astronomical Observation Seminar will take place on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 15:30. We will meet at the B Block, D-4 classroom, and talk about the FITS format. Prepare, please, your findings, questions, and suggestions. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate.

The first Astronomical Observation Seminar will take place on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 15:00. It will last for 30 min at the B Block, ground floor, D-3 or D-4 classroom. We will talk about astronomical observations, telescopes, detectors, techniques, image processing and everything related to that.
Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to come.


1) The aim of this and next seminars is to provide discussion about “instrumental” science to undergraduate and graduate students, i.e we plan to deepen knowledge of the students with respect to the methods, analysis of data that can be acquired by them. We encourage the students to work with original data and try their forces in real scientific research!

2) Our department has two telescopes available for observations, UBT60 and AUT25, that are equipped with CCD detectors, standard photometric filters, a spectrograph. We invite the students to study the dedicated webpage, http://fen.akdeniz.edu.tr/uzay-bilimleri-ve-teknolojileri/arastirma/teleskoplar/

As well, there is a new Planetarium opened at the University. We suggest the students gain some experience with the Planetarium.

3) Necessary knowledge to acquaint:

  1. a) FITS format as a standard for Astronomy (the students are advised to have a look at https://fits.gsfc.nasa.gov and do their original search for FITS resources);
  2. b) image processing tools frequently used at present (IRAF, http://ast.noao.edu/data/software and https://iraf.net; STARLINK, http://starlink.eao.hawaii.edu/starlink; ESO-MIDAS, http://www.eso.org/sci/software/esomidas/; etc.);
  3. c) programming in C, Python, or any other language;
  4. d) mathematica statistics.

4) There are several working groups led by professors of our department that can be joined by the students interested. Please, come in touch with your professors about the possible topics for research. These working groups are opened for research in both fundamental and applied fields, including image processing, etc.

5) Other

The next seminar will take place in two weeks, on March 11, at 15:30, the place to be precised later. We agreed to discuss the FITS format, its application to the images got at the department’s telescopes. Here is the link to a set of images that was got with the UBT60 and AUT25 telescopes:


The students are advised to inspect these images with any viewer, and as well, to have a look at the corresponding files.



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